Our Pre-School

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Established in 1972, the Pre-School is held in a building at the rear of the Community Centre, which offers safe and easy access, plus ample parking facilities. We occupy secure ground floor premises comprising of main assembly room, kitchen and toilet facilities and we have an enclosed external play area, with outdoor equipment. Within the main room we have areas allowing for arts and crafts, messy play, role-play as well as a quiet area for reading.

The Pre-School has strong community links with St Wilfrid’s CofE Primary School and Bradshaw Community Primary School and these two schools support the children both practically and educationally with visits by teachers to the Pre-School and trips to the schools by the children.

​We are registered with the Charity Commission offering Pre-School education, inspected through OFSTED. Parents are welcome to read our current report and school policies at any time (see our Info  page for links).  We are members of the Pre-School Learning Alliance and have achieved their Accreditation Standards.